31|03 - 30|04

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Tulp Festival 2020 and Corona

Tulp Festival Amsterdam basically takes place in public areas. At this moment we still expect that the tulips – in tubs and scales and planted in the ground  – will brighten up the streets, squares and city parks at dozens of locations in Amsterdam during the month of April. Maybe some locations will be relocated. News and updates will be published on this website and via social media.


Tulp Festival wants to bring back the tulip in the city streets of Amsterdam. Traditionally Amsterdam is connected to the legendary tulip; however, the tulip seems to have vanished from the streets. The aim is to plant eventually  one tulip for each individual citizen of Amsterdam. This amounts to 850.000 tulips. This year, the sixth year, half a million tulips  have been planted in open soil and in tubs and scales. You can enjoy them in april 2020 at different locations…or as long as they are blooming.