Information Tulp Festival



Tulp Festival Amsterdam 2023 takes place in April across the city. You will find the joyful tulip in public spaces along streets, squares, in shopping areas as well as in some of the city’s parks and neighborhood gardens. Tulips can also be admired in the gardens of some museums and hotels.

The tulip presentations are spread over all Amsterdam’s city districts: Centre, North, East, West, New-West, South and South-East. All displays in public areas are free to enjoy.


Stroll or cycle along parks and squares, streets and gardens and admire the tulips displayed in large scales or tubs, or planted in the ground. Let yourself be seduced by the explosion of varieties and colors and be inspired to take pictures of these lovely Spring flowers. Share your beauties on our social media channels by tagging us @tulpfestival on Instagram and @tulpfestvialamsterdam on Facebook and use the hashtags: #tulipsinamsterdam #tulpfestival2023 #tulpfestivalamsterdam.

A tulip for every citizen


Tulp Festival connects city districts, businesses, residents and visitors. Garden designer, Saskia Albrecht, is the founder of Tulp Festival. It is her ambition to bring the tulip back to the streets of Amsterdam, her motto: ‘a tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam’. For every citizen also means a tulip from every citizen. School children, businesses, shop owners, hotels, museums and city districts plant bulbs in the Autumn; residents are encouraged to join in too and in this way help brighten up the Amsterdam streets. Tulp Festival sends you on a discovery journey. Each year you will find new surprising locations.

Planting Day

For every edition of the Tulp Festival tulip bulbs are planted directly in the ground or raised in tubs. In Autumn, Tulp Festival is organizing an annual ‘Tulip Planting Day’ in the Vondelpark. This tradition brings school kids, neighbours and volunteers together to share the pleasure of contributing to the festival. Under the motto: ‘a tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam’ the Tulip Planting Day is now being expanded to residential areas across the city. Join us in our campaign: ‘Plant a bulb for you and me’. Or Donate to help us reach our goal of planting a total of 880,000 tulips in Amsterdam – reflecting the number of inhabitants.