Planting Day


For every edition of the Tulp Festival tulip bulbs are both planted in the ground and raised in pots. That always happens in the Autumn. In freshly turned earth tens of thousands of new bulbs are planted, with machines and by hand, to come out the following Spring. Since 2015 the Tulp Festival Amsterdam has organised an annual ‘Tulip Planting Day’ in the Vondelpark, during October. With this a tradition has been started where stake holders, schools, businesses, and volunteers can all take pleasure in contributing.




A tulip bulb for you and me


The Tulip Planting Day is now being extended to other areas of the city, under our motto ‘tulip for every Amsterdammer’. Join us, as part of our ‘tulip bulb for you and me’ campaign. Give a donation towards the planting of tulip bulbs throughout the city and help us reach our goal of 850.000 bulbs for Amsterdam.